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#AppleTreeCrafts has contacted WPG. They are looking at the possibility of running more classes in the shop/studio and they need to find some teachers.

Appletree Crafts think there are probably several wonderful teachers in WPG and are wondering if they could appeal to the group.

They would like to find teachers for the following classes:
– Knitting and/or crochet on weekday mornings
– Kids sewing/crafts on weekday afternoons, ideally Wednesday
– Macrame, probably a Thursday evening
– Various 1 day workshops

They can be flexible with days and times to a degree. Classes will of course go ahead with sufficient interest. They are interested to hear from members on ideas for workshops/classes they would like to teach and also ones they would like be taught.

If you are interested, please contact Appletree Crafts by email – or telephone 01 281 0060.

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